Soul Ties

How To Find Out Soul Ties And Its Meaning ?

Soul Ties
Soul Ties

What does Soul Ties Mean ? The Mystery Of Soul Ties :My Personal Journey

Greetings to all souls from around the world! I truly hope that each and every one of you is doing well, and that the blessings of God are showering upon you.

Today, I want to share a personal experience that led me to dive deep into the intriguing realm of soul ties. Brace yourself for a story that will hopefully inspire you to embark on your own self-discovery journey.

Picture this: I found myself constantly caught up in relationships that seemed to have an invisible hold on me. It was as if someone had tied a knot around my heart, making it nearly impossible to break free. Frustrated and confused, I started to question the meaning behind these intense connections.

That’s when I stumbled upon the concept of soul ties. Intrigued, I embarked on a mission to understand what they are and how they impact our lives. I realized that soul ties are not just some hokey-pokey mumbo jumbo, but rather, deep spiritual connections we form with others.

Soul Ties
Soul Ties

Recognizing soul ties proved to be the first stepping stone on my path to self-discovery. I began examining the relationships that had left a profound mark on me, in both positive and negative ways. It was astonishing to see how these connections influenced my emotions, thoughts, and actions.

Let me tell you, the emotional rollercoaster was real! Positive soul ties had me feeling on top of the world – they uplifted, nurtured, and propelled me towards personal growth. But when it came to negative soul ties… oh boy, they were like an anchor, dragging me down and holding me back from becoming the best version of myself.

Breaking free from the grip of unhealthy soul ties was one of the most challenging tasks I’ve ever faced. It required courage, determination, and support from loved ones. Seeking guidance from trusted friends, family, and professionals helped me gain fresh perspectives and navigate the treacherous waters of detachment.

Self Care & Journey Called Life

And let’s not forget about self-care! Engaging in practices like mindfulness, meditation, and journaling became my lifeline, providing solace and helping me process the emotions tied to those negative connections. Slowly but surely, I started to reclaim my autonomy and rebuild my emotional well-being.

But it wasn’t just about letting go of the negative. To truly thrive, I realized the importance of nurturing positive soul ties. Surrounding myself with uplifting, supportive individuals became a top priority. These connections, rooted in trust, respect, and shared values, acted as a powerful source of inspiration and personal growth. They became my tribe, my cheerleaders in this beautiful and messy journey called life.

Breaking Negative Soul Ties: My Personal Journey to Freedom

Soul Ties
Soul Ties

Grab a cup of tea, and let me share with you a personal journey of breaking free from negative soul ties. Trust me, it’s one adventure you won’t want to miss!

Picture this: I found myself entangled in relationships that felt like they had a tight grip on my heart. It was as if an invisible force was holding me back from moving forward. I couldn’t ignore the fact that these connections were draining my energy and stifling my growth.

At first, I didn’t even know what soul ties were. It was only when I started asking myself tough questions and seeking answers that the term came into my life. So, with curiosity as my guide, I delved into books, articles, and personal accounts of others who had experienced similar challenges.

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Soul Ties: Righteous Soul Ties & Demonically-Inspired Soul Ties Frank Hammond Author

Soul Ties: Righteous Soul Ties & Demonically-Inspired Soul Ties Frank Hammond Author

EXPANDED EDITION 2019 There are good soul ties and bad soul ties, just as there are healthy relationships and unhealthy ones. My wife and I dealt with soul ties, through the ministry of deliverance, long before we had much understanding of them. In fact, long before someone introduced the designation soul ties, we referred to them as unholy alliances or perverse relationships. Through the deliverance ministry, soul ties are encountered regularly and their power over individuals lives needs to be broken. Yes, soul ties are real, but what are they? What is the scriptural basis for understanding soul ties? How are they formed? Are they always demonic? What danger is there in soul ties? How can they be broken? Frank Hammond explains the root causes of these ties and how to distinguish between righteous, Godly ties, and demonically-inspired, unrighteous ties to the soul. In this Expanded Edition, Frank Hammond includes a Declaration of Freedom from demonic soul ties, and a Deliverance Prayer to break their power over the readers life.

How To Break Soul Ties ?

One thing became clear: breaking negative soul ties wasn’t going to be a walk in the park. It required bravery, self-reflection, and a few doses of tough love. Let me share some steps I took along the way:

  1. Recognizing the toxic patterns: The first step was acknowledging the negative impact these connections had on my life. It was crucial to identify the patterns of manipulation, control, and emotional turmoil. Once I recognized the toxicity, I was ready to embark on a journey of healing.
  2. Setting boundaries: Boundaries became my best friends. I needed to establish clear limits to protect myself from further harm. Saying “no” when it felt right and learning to put myself first were essential in reclaiming my own worth and power.
  3. Seeking support: Breaking negative soul ties isn’t a solo mission. I needed a support system that could hold space for my healing journey. Whether it was trusted friends or a therapist, having people who genuinely cared about my well-being played a vital role in my recovery.
  4. Self-care as a priority: Taking care of myself became non-negotiable. Engaging in self-care practices such as meditation, exercise, journaling, and spending time in nature allowed me to reconnect with my own essence and rebuild my emotional strength.
  5. Letting go and forgiving: It was time to release the pain and resentment that had been weighing me down. Forgiving both myself and others was a transformative step towards my liberation. It wasn’t about condoning the harmful actions, but rather freeing myself from the grip of negativity.
  6. Embracing positivity: As I untangled from negative soul ties, I intentionally surrounded myself with positive influences. Cultivating relationships with individuals who championed my growth, supported my dreams, and inspired me became paramount. These connections became a source of light and fuel for my journey.
  7. Patience and self-compassion: Breaking negative soul ties is a process, my friend. It takes time, and sometimes we stumble along the way. But through it all, we must remember to be patient with ourselves and extend compassion. Healing isn’t a linear path, but a beautiful dance of self-discovery and growth.
Disclosure: Some of the links below are affiliate links, meaning that at no additional cost to you, I will receive a commission if you click through and make a purchase
Breaking Soul-Ties Olusola Olaolu Adio Author

Breaking Soul-Ties Olusola Olaolu Adio Author

This book is first in the series Soul-Ties. The Soul-Ties outreach started as an online outreach on Twitter in October 2013 to a few hundreds of followers. In less than three years, the combined Twitter follower list has grown to over 20,000. The outreach has also spread to other networks such as BBM, Google+, Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram. Over this period, several lives have been transformed by the series of online broadcasts done to teach on what Soul-Ties are and how to help believers break free of them to walk in their God-ordained purpose in life. Testimonies have come through from people who got delivered by God’s Word from habits such as porn addiction, masturbation, sexual Soul-Ties, Soul-Ties with ex-lovers, extra-marital affairs, etc. We have also seen the Soul-Ties outreach overflow into real-life seminars in London and Loughborough in the United Kingdom as well as Lagos, Nigeria. This book, Breaking Soul-Ties is an encapsulation of various teachings done about what Soul-Ties are and how to break them, on social media. This book is being shot as an arrow from the quiver of the almighty God into the earth as a tool to help men and women understand what Soul-Ties are and how to break them. The same Spirit of God who has helped hundreds and thousands of people on social media through the online broadcasts is also upon the pages of this book to set people free from bad Soul-Ties and empower them to walk in the plan of God for their lives. This book has 7 chapters explaining what the human soul and Soul-Ties are, Good and Bad Soul-Ties, link between Soul-Ties and Friendships, Emotional Soul-Ties, Sexual Soul-Ties and how to break Soul-Ties and a few testimonies. As you read this book, my prayer is that the Spirit of God will minister life and power into your hearts that will destroy every yoke and remove every burden in the Name of Jesus. Olusola Adio BBM Pin: SOULTIES

As you embark on your own quest of breaking negative soul ties, know that you’re not alone. Embrace the journey, lean on your support system, and trust that with each step, you’re reclaiming your power and creating a brighter, more fulfilling future. You’ve got this!

The Untethered Soul:
The Untethered Soul:

Reflect on the relationships that have left an indelible mark on your soul, and dare to decipher their meaning. Break free from those negative ties that hold you back, and embrace the positive connections that ignite your passion.

Remember: this is not an overnight process. It’s a continuous journey of self-awareness, growth, and ultimately, finding the truest version of yourself. Embrace the highs and lows, the twists and turns, and have faith that with each step, you are moving closer to a life filled with authentic and fulfilling connections.

Now, go forth and unravel the fascinating tapestry of soul ties! The adventure awaits.

Thank you for reading this article and joining us on a journey exploring the captivating concept of the soul.

As we contemplate the essence of our being, let us continue to ponder the enigmatic nature of the soul and seek a deeper understanding of ourselves.

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